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  1. Project title : The name of this project is Book Store. This project lets a user to add a new book or author. After creating, a user can see all the existing authors or books. After clicking on a link, the details of an author/book can be viewed. Updating or deleting an author/book option available to the user.

  2. Motivation : This project was created to provide a platform which will allow the user to add an author/book in a single website. Instead of creating two separate application for both, i decided to build something that would connect the both classes.

  3. Tech/framework used Built with 1.React 2.HTML 3.CSS 4.JS 5.SQL

  4. Features --A user can add an author. --A user can view all the authors. --Display details of an author. --A user can add a book. --A user can view all the books. --Display details of one book. Search for a particular book using search box. --Update an author/book from the existing ones. --Delete an author/book.

  5. For this project, activerecord, active_model_serializers, puma, sqlite3, rake, rack-cors, byebug, listen, spring-watcher-listen gems were used.

  6. Code Snippet :

class CreateAuthor extends Component { constructor(){ super() this.state = { firstname: "", lastname: "", age: "", contact: "", submittedData: [], gotAuthor: false, id: "" }

} handleChange = event => { this.setState({ []: }) } handleSubmit =(event) => { event.preventDefault() const author = {first_name: this.state.firstname, last_name: this.state.lastname, age: this.state.age, contact:} this.createNewAuthor(author) } createNewAuthor = (author) => { const configobj = { method: 'POST', body: JSON.stringify(author), headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'Accept': 'application/json' } } fetch('http://localhost:3000/authors',configobj) .then(response => response.json()) .then(author => { this.props.addAuthor(author) this.setState({ gotAuthor: true, id: })


} render() { return(


First Name this.handleChange(event)} value={this.state.firstname} required/>

Last Name this.handleChange(event)} value={this.state.lastname} required/>

{this.state.gotAuthor && ( )} ); } const mapDispatchToProps = dispatch => { return { addAuthor: author => { dispatch(addAuthor(author)) } } } export default connect(null, mapDispatchToProps)(CreateAuthor);

def create author =

        render json: author
        render json: author.errors 
  1. Installation :

  2. Reference :

  3. Tests -- Go to backend folder using cd from parent directory. -- Type 'rails s' to run the server -- run 'npm start' to open the page in the browser. -- To add an author click on 'Add Author' Navlink in the browser. -- To create a book click on 'Add Book' link in the browser. -- To view all books click on 'View Books'. -- To view all authors click on 'View Authors'. -- To view details of a book/author click on the individual name of book/author.-- To update/delete any particular author click on 'update/delete' button.

  4. Credits :

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