People always need textbooks and if you could view people's bookshelves, it would be so much easier to ask to borrow a book from their shelf! Not only could you do this with books, but you could do it with ANY item!

What it does

Allows a user to login with Facebook and then create different shelves to add all of their different items to. Then they can look at all of their friend's shelves too! A user can create a wish list and comment on their friends' items too. A user can loan out an item or ask a friend to borrow an item! This is great for the educational aspect because you could borrow a friend's textbook and save hundreds of dollars.

It's the social media for your closet! Let's start book sharing!

How We built it

All of it is web and cloud-based using Facebook login, Facebook friends API, html, css and php calls to our Azure database and Azure web services AND twilio text notifications.

Challenges We ran into

reading through a list of JSON items, getting twilio to work on command in the website.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are proud of how it looks and that it has all of the functions we stated: profiles, friends shelves, option to ask to borrow and grant permission to loan, add/remove items and shelves, and twilio text notifications.

What We learned

php, facebook friends api - We learned how to incorporate facebook to connect users and their friends.

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