Our inspiration are the Children of Africa who has minimal access to books. They were enough for us to take action for such causes.

What it does

BooKonnect is a book donation platform that allows book donors to choose which books to donate to Children Readers of Africa. Through "swiping right" and "swiping left", a donor get to choose which books he wants to give, and through that, he gets to mold the outlook of an African child that will possibly affect his future! In partnership with non-profit organizations, these books will be sent to a child on the Sub-Saharan Africa while containing contact details and a personal message from the donor. We aim to establish a connection between the donor and the receiver - hence, the name BooKonnect!

How I built it

JavaScript, HTML 5, and CSS 3 to build the website, and several templates/sourcecode to establish the entire website fastly. We used Github for collaboration.

Challenges I ran into

We had trouble with different timezones. My teammate and I are literally on opposite sides of the globe that was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The aesthetics of the Website that I intended to be parallel with the African Library Project's website, and of course, the possibility that I am a part of something that is bigger than me, something that would help the Sub-Saharan Africa.

What I learned

I learned how to execute plans and ideas to help others.

What's next for BooKonnect

We are really looking forward on implementing this to the people of Africa. We are looking forward on materializing the partnerships that we are aiming with Publishing Houses, and hopefully, African Library Projects.

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