_ "The National Library research shows that 19 millions of Poles didn't read any book last year." _ Our inspiration is to make world better place. We wanted to give people opportunity to use things that they forgot about. Books are laying on the bookshelves completely useless, until now.

What it does

 Bookly gives you unique opportunity to share your books with people for free. Users are creating their personal libraries using ISBN scanner. App does an auto search and makes it very easy for everyone. No need to fill forms! 

After that you can search the others libraries and choose books that interests you. It's easy with implemented database search. Exchange for temporal period or permanently. It is all left to the users.

How I built it

We built it using Android-Java and Django with DjangoRestFramework. We created database for storing users books and allowing the others to see their libraries. It connects with Google Books order to get data.

Challenges I ran into

Creating interface that will be intuitive so it won't discourage users was really hard, implementing ISBN scanner allows us to simplify user needed work. Creation of database that will be as simple as possible and not less.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Reading ISBNs, getting data from GoogleAPI, connecting API with database and first version of our application.

What I learned

We learned that team work is really important. Interacting with each other in a way that everybody understands what needs to be done. We learned a lot about databases (3 of us haven't interacted with database before), Android and Django.

What's next for Bookly

Our next move is to integrate it with website and also with Social Media. It means that you will know what your friends have read and what they can recommend you! We will create better User Interface and better tools to communicate between people. Don't forget that people you meet by Bookly will have in common interests!

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