The vision for BookLocal is to connect travelers directly to their hotel of choice by creating the first two way property management system accessible as both a traveler and a hotel administrator. Simply put, BookLocal is designed to remove middlemen from the hotel ecosystem and serve as the single point of contact. Successful implementation allows for three key benefits: simplified user experiences; lower room prices for the traveler; and higher profits for the hotel.

At its most basic level, a uPort identity is an Ethereum address. So if all you need when interacting with an end user is their Ethereum address, this is provided by uPort. However, uPort also allows apps and their users to exchange information privately, while still backed by the security of the Ethereum blockchain.

In more detail, a uPort identity is a complete digital representation of a person (or app, organization, device, or bot) that is able to make statements about who they are when interacting with smart contracts and other uPort identities, either on-chain or off-chain. This ability to make statements about themselves, without relying on centralized identity providers, is what makes uPort a platform for self-sovereign identity.

Implementing a uPort login allows a traveler to enter information needed for booking a room in a hotel quickly and easily. It also can allow for non-traditional forms of ID to be used. It could potentially be used to share preferences for their stay or other information that would be relevant to a hotel stay ex: non-smoking, needs handicapped parking, ...

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