After working with lots of authors on their sites and digital strategies, and also having had a book published myself. I've realized that books need landing pages of their own. Something separate from author sites, publisher catalogs, and Amazon's catalog and Goodreads pages. A place they can link to and promote. An page for book.

What it does

It creates well organized landing pages with one-click of a button. Using a ISBN number as a starting point the service then uses apis from GoogleBooks, GoodReads, and others to dynamically create a page for a title. The page can then be edited and link to additional content such as video and audio.

It helps authors market their titles, providing a place to link to and promote from. It also helps readers discover new works by showing other related titles and opening up the possibility of more interesting approaches to discovery and browsing.

How we built it

The team put together the service using node.js, handlebar.js, and locating apis that could provide the content we wanted for the site.

Challenges we ran into

SASS, some node.js challenges, design in short order, trying to incorporate ARIA quickly is hard

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making this demo over a 36 hour period! link

Create a page link

What we learned

That the apis for pulling book info are not as robust as they could/should be.

What's next for Bookland

Talking to some editors and authors to see if this proof of concept has legs.

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