All three of us are students during the COVID-19 pandemic who love reading and realize how hard it is to find good books for when it isn't feasible to go to the library. We recognized that there are already many free places to read books, but there was no consolidated place to access these various sources. We wanted to create something community-based where people can go find recommended books to read based on their interests.

What it does

Our website allows you to find your next read without the hold times or the cash.

How we built it

We used HTML, Javascript, CSS, JSON, JQuery, Google Fonts, Autodesk, and Bootstrap to make this website.

Challenges we ran into

Two of the group members were new to programming entirely, and the other one was relatively new to JQuery and completely new to JSON, so we found ourselves learning a lot as we worked.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Yashvi and Riya built their first website and Siri successfully expanded her knowledge of JSON and JQuery and writing Javascript algorithms for the site to function. Additionally, we were able to make something that was important to us as readers and finding the cross-section between three of our interests.

What we learned

Things that Yashvi learned was HTML and CSS. Riya learned HTML and Javascript. Siri implemented her knowledge on JSON and JQuery, as well as creating more structured repositories.

What's next for Bookeria

The future for Bookeria is to make it fully functional for example add the forms, add search features, and adding a user account to make your experience more personalized. As well as allow people share their favorite books and get book suggestions after adding their interest.

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