The Booke voice app is An Alexa Skill & Home Action. It helps learn from books.


Most people I talk to don’t have a reading strategy. They just pick up something and start reading. You want to get something out of it. You want to learn things that you can apply in your life to grow. That’s the whole point.

Of course, you can devour 15-minute summaries. But it’s doubtful you'll digest Jobs' true philosophies or actively become a successful professional overnight if you spend 15 minutes reading the key points. Such techniques are useful for dinner party conversation, but the truth is, if you really do want to re-structure your life, I’d recommend making the time to actively read the work.

Booke is meant to assist you in delving deeper into your reading experience and help you squeeze the essence out of a book. Your own essence, not somebody else’s.

What it does

  1. Taste the spice of a book that intrigue you. Find your next reading based on the compelling quotes.
  2. Squeeze the essence out of it. Just talk to search, find, bookmark, share and more. Save paper book notes in Evernote.
  3. Take this essence regularly. Receive all bookmarks at the end of a reading in an easy-to-recall format.

What's next for Booke

  1. Admire visual quotes on Echo Show and Echo Spot. This way the bookmarks will become more compelling and easier to memorize.
  2. Get useful definitions and meta-data from a book such as concepts, entities, sentiment, emotion, relations using natural language understanding.
  3. Receive a regular digest while reading, as well as an actionable, beautifully designed summary that captures the essence of the book at the end of a reading in a highly effective and easy-to-recall format you can read or listen to.

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