The high price of books and the hassle we all faced in the back to school period trying to get cheap books.

What it does

Users can either sell books they have or buy/request books they need. Books are sold at a maximum of 60% of the market price of the book.

How we built it

We used a lightweight python framework called flask to build a RESTful API. The data was persisted using MongoDB and we used pymongo to communicate with the database. Some webpages were given dynamic capabilities using brython (browser python).

Challenges we ran into

The workload was split between two team members. One focusing on the backend API and another focusing solely on the templates that are rendered to the user. The challenge we ran into was to collaborate with each other in a way that we would not step over each other's toes (without the use of git since we weren't proficient). Another challenge we faced was what languages we would use to build our system since 2 of our team members were proficient in c# and another in python.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that for a team of first timers we have a working prototype that can be used in a live demo to show to the judges, we all worked very hard to make it happen.

What we learned

We learned to think of the structure before the code to avoid future "chicken and the egg" scenarios.

What's next for BookDrive

Depending on the responses we get we shall put more thought into the future of the product.

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