Book Browser is a Windows Phone App. It's a unique app , designed and developed using various API's thinking in mind of helping the book readers to not just read ebooks but also provide the user with as many feature as possible.

Book Browser Application Features

  1. Search Catalog and Read Book Reviews. Search By ISBN, Title and Imprint.

  2. Get Product Info by Title, ISBN

  3. Barcode Scanner, Scan hard copy book to fetch book information and read Ebook.

  4. Get Author Information. Search by Author name and then get more information about the author.

  5. Read Ebooks by Epub ISBN, Author Name, Imprint, Title.

  • Will list the ebooks available for reading. You need to select one and then read ebooks by Pages.

  • You can either bookmark the ebook to read it later.

  • Select a book to read will show up a new page with the list of Ebook Page to read.

  • Select a page to read , You can either read or click on "Speak" to read the page content. You could also select "Translate Text" from applicaton bar menu to translate the text from say English to Other languages such as Spanish etc. The List of languages are available, The user has to select the "From" and "To" language for translation. We are using Google Translate to convert the text from one language to another.

  • Also user can select a menu item "Get related things" , it will get related contents, articles etc , we are using Zemanta service to get the related texts.

  1. Read Bookmarked ebooks, will show up the bookmarked ebooks to read. Select one to read or you could also remove bookmark.

  2. Dictionary - Selecting the dictionary option will show up a screen where you need to input the text you want to find the word definitions. You will get a complete meaning for the given word.

The following are the API's used in this app.

  1. Harper Collins open book data and content api. Searching catalog , product info, fetching author info etc will make use of open book data. The content API is used for reading the ebook content by Epub ISBN number.

  2. Good Reads API is used for fetching the book reviews and some extent in barcode scanning where the user can scan the hardcopy book barcode , get more information about the book and read ebook content which inturn makes use of Harper Collins content API.

  3. Google Translate - We are not using the actual API but instead this App makes a web request to google translate and grabs the translated text. We are making use of this for translating the ebook page content from one language to other. Please refer my article posted as tip in CodeProject for more information -

  4. Zemanta API is used for getting the related article, content, images , suggestion etc for the given ebook page content.

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