We were inspired to create this website because we know that many students including us have old textbooks laying around that we don’t know what to do with. We also know that there are so many students out there that cannot afford brand new textbooks. We thought that by creating this website, we would be able unite students to resources that they can use to be successful in their academic endeavors.

What it does

This website allows the user to create an account. Once the user registers, they are able to see all the books that are available with the picture of the textbook, what classes its needed for, how much it costs, the condition it is in, the category that this book falls under, and the person who posted it on our website. On our website, we make sure to respect people’s privacy so we only show the username that the chooses when registering for our website. If the user is interested in buying a textbook, they can click on ‘chat’, which is a chatting application, created by us, where they can anonymously chat with the seller to purchase the book.

How we built it

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, Python, Flask web framework, Mongo DB Database

Challenges we ran into

We developed a website where students can find textbooks at a more affordable price and also be able to make use of their old books by posting it on our website for sale. This time we used python and flask for the backend. We used MongoDB to store the messages that we got from our chat room where the students can discuss a price for the textbooks and how to get the textbook from them and display it on to the screen. Initially, we were planning on using a library called SocketIO, however, we weren’t able to implement it in our program as we ran into technical difficulties. We had to work around that by resorting to a different method of communication. We also wanted to implement a filter so that the user can filter through the different categories, however, due to the time constraint we were not able to implement it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a chat room where the user can talk to the buyer and negotiate. We are also proud of our webpage where we displayed all the books that were available with the information about the book and the seller. We also made sure to show that the item is sold so that the user can see the textbooks that are available. We also made it so that the user is able to see all the chats that have happened with different people and click on the different usernames to access the chats. 

What we learned

We learned how to use python as our back-end programming language and how to connect it to a database so that the messages can be stored and displayed once again. Python is able to communicate between APIs, databases, and the frontend so it is very useful. We learned how to implement bootstrap for designing our website. Through our development of BookBounce, we have learned of different ways we could improve our website for the future. For example, we could implement SocketIO which allows the chatting to be more instantaneous.

What's next for BookBounce

In the future, we would like to implement SocketIO to improve the chatting. We also want create a way for the user to add the books they want to a wishlist. We would also like to add a filter at the top of the page where the different posts for books are so the user can filter through and find the book they need more efficiently. We would also like to create an option where people can set a proflile picture and they can also reset their password.

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