BookAround is a digital community that encourages students of all abilities to develop literacy and communication skills in a safe, fun, and accessible environment. Learners demonstrate their comprehension of texts, share valuable opinions, and benefit from peer-assisted learning strategies when they create and share book recommendations, captured in short video format within the BookAround platform.

Technology can give students personalized learning interventions unlike ever before, but what about using technology as a community learning opportunity? Many students with Social Emotional needs struggle when participating in group or whole class discussion. BookAround offers a safe environment where learners practice oral language skills prior to engaging with their classroom communities.

When designing BookAround, our team created a platform that would give young children access to higher-order thinking skills. With this Universal Design mindset, the BookAround environment is accessible and engaging to learners of all abilities. From easy student login systems, to emoticon ratings, embedded video capturing, and auto-fill text forms, we have reduced barriers for all BookAround users.

BookAround provides students who struggle with social emotional skills a stress-free environment to develop and reflect on their own voice. Through recording and submitting video testimonials, students practice public speaking in a low-pressure environment. Public speaking and community interaction skills are critical to 21st century success which students must learn, refine, and master. BookAround provides students support systems to practice and integrate and receive feedback on these skills. BookAround’s community-centered facilitation of student interaction also allows students who are home-bound to interact in a positive academic environment with a community of their peers.

All students deserve to practice communication and oral language skills in a safe and supportive community. BookAround uses technology to help students engage with their peers in thoughtful academic discourse.

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