With the sheer goal of automation we did wrote a django based python web-app, that helps the users around the same locality/city to exchange or trade away their books. the only input by the seller we take is ISBN-10 (International Standard Book Number) which can easily be retrieved on backside of the book. as the users lists the book by entering ISBN code, the book listing gets listed and can be seen by other users who are from same locality. on the listing another user have to offer him something. it can be another book or it can be any other thing which they like. also link for the amazon for the same product is given, so that he can straight away buy from amazon.

we have used latest version of django 1.7 along with the all new python-3.4. for scraping the data we are using pyllage, which is a python library. for the database we are using sqlite. and we are also using several dependencies for django like bootstrap, curlyforms to make it more responsive and smooth.

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