My sister loves reading and one day she asked Alexa, "suggest me a book". Alexa didn't answer correctly because there isn't a function that does that so I decided to create Book Mentor.

What it does

Book Mentor can suggest the next book should you read based on genre, you only have to ask "Suggest me a book" to get a book. Once you got your suggestion you can also ask to Alexa "What is it about?" and alexa will tell you the plot of the book, and after you can decide if you want another suggestion about the same genre or another. You can also ask Book Mentor some information about a specific book saying "Search Little Prince" for example, Alexa will answer with the author of the book, the rating, the year of publication and the plot.

How I built it

I built it using Alexa Conversations and node.js

Challenges I ran into

I have experience with programming but not with node.js so I had some difficulties with asynchronous calls to the API I used. I also had some difficulties with some bugs of Alexa Conversations but the Alexa teams on Slack helped me and I managed to submit my skill.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of my first challenge here on devpost and how I solved problems with Alexa Conversations with the help of the community.

What I learned

I learned how Alexa Conversations works, how to develope Alexa skills with node.js and how to solve problems with the developers and the community.

What's next for Book Mentor

The next step for Book Mentor will be suggestions without genre. I want to create a profile for each user and based on their interests I want to suggest to them the book should they read with a machine learning algorithm.

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