We like books

This program searches through list of books and returns whatever genre the user wants with a description of each novel.

We can add up to 10,000 books and this will still work. This program was a start or idea to a bigger idea where we have a machine kind of like red box that a user can search for a specific book very quickly through like 10,000+ books. For example if a user needed a sports book about only about hall of fame people, he could search for sports category then add a second category like champions to narrow the search menu. We used Java to program the library.

Trying to create an interface that would work with the double arrays we were using was the hardest part.

We learned how to create a drop down menu using JPane.

What's next for Book Library We plan on expanding the amounts of books available to the program to read. And many upgrades, it just takes time to write this code.

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