• What really inspired me was giving back to the community, I believe that me putting out this work/platform/web application out there would help users or anyone save their books summary and all that for reference purposes without much fear and it makes them happy to be able to share their works with others. Also as books is linked to education, i believe it helps writers and readers make a reference on what books they could read or share when in need.

What it does

  • It gives users room to share their stories or books with other users, though any user can manage these books, I didn't have security, authorization and authentication in mind when i built this project. So it basically gives its users room to upload/share/manage their books with others (most importantly book summary).

How I built it

  • So it actually took me 2 days to build it's backend which was actually a test i took online which required the features in the API, then i now thought of building the frontend (which took like a week or so) on my own to have more projects users could use easily without being a developer to consume the APIs for the backend.

Challenges I ran into

  • I ran into blockers for creating an upload input for users to make upload with file directly into my cloudinary API though i had provided a user option to upload with just url which is the normal way to upload into a cloudinary API. I believe this was my most challenging moments while building the frontend with React.js

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I'm glad that I got past all the blockers i encountered and tried helping users put their books to the limelight without any stress and it did work.

What I learned

  • So i learnt how to use an input file in uploading into a cloudinary API which was new to me because it took me a few days to get past that and i'm extremely excited i can smash it anytime anywhere.

What's next for Book Directory System

  • I'll be adding more security like authentication and authorization using JWT to it. And I believe it would make the platform more reliable and trusted.
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