This project was inspired by computer vision in robotics. Robots we have worked with in the past have used computer vision to enable robots to pick objects. We wanted to do something that built off of that experience.

What it does

This mobile app uses a smartphone camera in order to recognize book covers. The app overlays reviews and other book information onto the book through the camera viewfinder.

How I built it

We used unity and vuforia in order to design the overlays on the books. The Clalrifai API and Google images were used to recognize the books. The GoodReads API was used to ind information such as reviews on the book.

Challenges I ran into

The GoodReads API was difficult to work with. Training the system to not recognize images in the cover, but instead the entire cover as a whole was one of the big problems we ran into.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project demonstrates the amazing potential of computer vision to help inform us of the world around us. We were successful in building an app that allows users to find more information about books.

What I learned

We learned that teamwork is essential to creating a successful project.

What's next for Book AR

Book AR is a proof of concept of mobile computer vision and its potential to give us more information about the world around us in order to make better decisions. We plan to extend the app to recognize other objects as well such as grocery items such as those in Amazon stores.

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