The idea came from a problem we faced when reading digital text. Whereas plain old paper books allowed for a nonlinear read, where you can quickly jump between the index, the glossary and multiple pages, we felt that numerical text does not allow for much freedom.

What it does

book++ allows the user to quickly reach what he is looking for in a text, even if it is a vague and not very precise query.

How we built it

With a VueJS front-end calling a Python Flask framework, and some NLP to process the text.

Challenges we ran into

-Connecting the front-end to a gpu-cluster back-end -JS issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-1st front-end project ever and it doesn't look too bad -The product works

What we learned

-How to build a working product that combines all aspects of programming.

What's next for book++

-We have a lot more functionalities in mind -More work on the UX/UI

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