At first when we came here we were original going to do an entirely different idea: we were going to design an app that allows cryptocurrency transactions over Near Field Communication. But when we got here and talked to Todd Packer and saw his passion behind his product, the Boogie Board Sync, we wanted to knoq more about it. When we got a Sync to try we were blown away by all of the possibilities it had to offer. We knew right then and there that we should switch ideas and work on that project for a classroom setting. I myself am going to college to become a technology teacher, so I thought about how well these could be implemented into a classroom setting to help boost the learning experience of today's youth. We saw the Sync as a tool that could be used for more reliable note taking that could easily replace the pen and paper within the next few years. Think about it: papers can't get lost with this, you never run out of paper, or even ink for that matter; it easy to organize all of your notes into projects or by class; and most importantly, teachers could send notes that they wrote to all of their students over Bluetooth or NFC.

  Our target user would be students and schools, I see this as a highly valuable resource that is fairly inexpensive. Class sets of these systems sell for approximately $2,000, which is much cheaper than the same class equivalent of iPads or any other system that schools are looking to adopt. In fact, I see much greater potential in the Sync than an iPad: it's cheaper, more resilient, easy to use in any class, needs very little charging, and does not distract students in the classroom through games and apps. These can be an invaluable resource for students or any other learning environment.

  We are very proud of the capabilities our program provides for teachers to mass share his/her notes over Bluetooth to all of their students, that way no ever has to fall behind in class again if they were sick or even just having a rough day. We also made it so that students can upload their work (Ex. homework, in class activities, pop quiz, notes) to their teacher.  In fact, we emailed a teacher and consulted with a school board member about their opinions regarding our program.  They were ecstatic to hear that these capabilities would exist, and looked forward to our progress, and gave us some ideas on how to implement and improve our program.

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