Today, particularly with the advent of industrialisation, there is an increasing need to reduce our carbon footprint to slow down the catastrophic effects of global warming, including but not limited to increasing temperatures, decreasing food sources, and flooding of low-lying places. Hence, we designed this app to make it more convenient for people to reduce the amounts of electricity used, hence reducing their cost spent on electricity and collectively, saving the earth together.

What it does

A switch that can be turned on or off both manually through the physical switch and electronically through the app.

How we built it


  • Spent the whole night trying out Java - MYSQL but ran into many errors
  • In the end, utilised MIT App Inventor to link to Raspberry Pi's python file.


  • Drew up an electrical schematic and used relays and two-way switches

Challenges we ran into

  • Retrieving and inserting data in MySQL via other devices
  • Opening a URL in Android Studio without the webpage appearing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Hardware success :D

What we learned

  • Building an android app!
  • Accessing MySQL database in Java, through PHP script

What's next for Boo SwITch

  • Completion of app (Configure MySQL and Android Studio app together)
  • Ability to add more switches
  • Drag and Drop block schematic of the house, and link the corresponding switches
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