Helpr - we wanted to make a platform that can use the power of crowdsourcing to help everyone. Inspired by the keynote comments, we wanted this to be a "moonshot" goal: get everyone to help people out, even if they dont know them,

What it does

.Like Waze, but for helping people Helpr has various features designed to identify and help people.

  • Maps and location based help: similar to waze, users can put down pins where they see some help is needed or action is required or something needs to be noticed. This could be anything from a Police incident, to a sign which may be discriminatory or even something like an open or cracked manhole cover. Then, this data is displayed on a map and people can take notice or take action (similar to waze)

  • requests for help: this is like a message board, but for requests which may be fulfilled by people who can verify these requests and then allow other to contribute or help the requestor. These can be anything from food, meals, help with homework or even just a tip on how to do well in a certain class

  • message in a bottle - a feature where someone with issues troubling them can post an anonymous message, and others can post replies as comments. the comments cannot be seen by anyone until they are approved by a moderator, and once approved the user has the option to only see the comments for themselves or make them public. we made the moderation feature to ensure hurtful and trolling comments were filtered and allowed anonymity and confidentiality of messages and comments to be left up to the original message author. This approach would help us to act as a moderated advice forum while maintaining privacy of users

How I built it

design: figma, Adobe Illustrator front end: React native

backend: python serverless functions on azure database: mongodb hosted on azure

Challenges I ran into

ran out of time for a few things.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

system and app are functional. entry

What I learned

Azure backends with serverless functions work best when deployed with vscode .

What's next for Helpr

getting on the app stores and making a difference

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