Finance seems to seem like a foreign language, how then do you learn something that is so alien to you. This is a problem statement that Duolingo has mastered. We too inspirational guides from the concept and user experience of the app.

What it does

An interactive Hi-fidelity prototype that helps educate and onboard users into creating safe and smart investment choices.

How we built it

We conducted contextual interviews with our primary users, collected context about the organization its values and goals. Ideated by conducting storyboarding, visioning and created low-fidelity design iterations, conducted usability studies and then built a hi-fidelity website.

Challenges we ran into

We came into the challenge with little to no context about the organization or what their problem statement even meant. Most of our time was spent in content, context and user analysis. We spent a lot of time ideating because we kept deviating from our problem statement. It felt like a challenge to fight the urge to build something cool instead of focusing on the usefulness. All of the users we interviewed fit into the same box of people. This limited us to choosing the student persona.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think we really encaptured the organization's values with our visuals and stories. We were true to our cause of educating self-starters.

What we learned

All it takes it a mindless activity to breakout from that ideation block

What's next for Bono - Invest Safe, Invest Smart

Our hi-fidelity prototype remains incomplete and will be completed and perfected once we recover our sleep.

Built With

  • bananas
  • design-thinking
  • invision
  • kevin
  • sketch
  • ux
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