Bonfire is a social mapping app.

At an individual level, Bonfire gives users the ability build out their own personal world as "light up" spaces on map based on their movements around the globe. Each time they go to a new space, their Bonfire map "lights it up." The goal being to allow them to capture their life in the context of the places they go. They can also enrich their world by adding photos, experiences, tags, etc to each space they light up.

By adding a social layer on top of the personal maps, Bonfire gives users the ability to follow/share/view other people's maps.

Interested in going to Thailand on vacation? Find out which one of your friends have been there and look in at their maps to inspire your own adventure. Or better yet, check out Tim Ferris' map and really go wild.

Feel like hanging out in the Mission for the weekend? Overlay a friend’s map onto yours and light up some spots with places he/she hasn’t been.

There is also a built-in competitive element to Bonfire, where by users will be compelled to build out more and more of their own world or compete with their friends to explore more places - all with the goal

The ultimate goal for Bonfire is to become a social mapping app that sits on top of all other social networks. Any FB post, Instagram photo, FourSquare check-in, local Tweet, etc can be immediately added to & light up your Bonfire map. Every social app has some kind of localized “element”, but there are currently no apps that focus on connecting people using location as the primary connective tissue.

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