In the average household, food is always left away to rot in the fridge that will eventually be thrown away. As a way to reduce the wasted food as most as possible, we have created an application that combines the idea of a Tinder but for recipes. It will give you plenty of inspiration of what to cook with the ingredients you have at home!

What it does

It allows the user to easily find cooking recipes they like by simply swiping right or left and by clicking on the card to see the recipe's instructions.

How we built it

For the backend, we used python/flask framework to develop APIs that are used to link the backend with our frontend stack, which was done using react-native.

Challenges we ran into

The design of the motions in the application was hard to do as we were less experienced in react-native, and also the backend end-points took some time to write as not all of us were experienced with that technology.

Accomplishments we're proud of

We are proud to have been able to complete a fully usable IOS application as it was our first experience using react-native.

What we learned

We learned to work as a team in a well-organized fashion as tasks were well divided. We also learned how the backend can work with the frontend.

What's next for BoneAppleTea

In the future, we would like to implement an AI that will give the user a better recipe suggestions, add amazon integration to easily checkout some ingredients needed in the recipes, we plan on adding the level of difficulty on each recipes and finally, we would like to add a feature that will enable users to upload their own recipes to the database.

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