We wanted to contribute to the benefit of our World in time when climate change and one of its root causes, personal traffic, have become evidently life threatening. Our vision was to bring back the freedom that busses used to have and combine it with the timeliness that subways have. After all, why can't a bus stop at other places than at a bus stop, and do you ever even check out the subway schedules when they come every two minutes anyway? In *lunfardo (the slang of Buenos Aires), "bondi" means "city bus" which can basically stop anywhere (but does have those traditional bus stops as well) and that was our inspiration.

With that in mind, we created Bondi, a solution that finds you the fastest robot bus route with no need to look at schedules or to walk to a certain bus stop. Simply leave when you’re ready and walk to the route the bus goes. The bus will know that you're in need of it and that you're nearby its route so it will stop when by your side. It will automatically track your travel with location data and this way optimize the capacity for each robot bus.

We started this project by outlining the current challenges and pinpointing how we solve these. We're especially proud of the easy-to-use UI with intuitive swipe that lets you either point your destination in a map view or by typing the final address in the other view.

Bondi is the easiest way to find and get on the bus to travel to your destination in the fastest way without the usual hassle of schedules, finding and walking to a certain bus stop or wondering when to get off.

What's next for Bondi is highly dependent on the development of Sohjoa robot busses in Helsinki. With increased amount of robot busses, Bondi could well replace the traditional Reittiopas website. Passengers of tomorrow don't need to schedule their departure because robot busses go so often. And passengers of tomorrow don't need to walk far to a certain bus stop because robot busses can stop at any point in their route, greatly facilitating everyone's life.

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