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Traveling to events such as concerts, festivals, football games or hackathons isn’t as straightforward as one might think. You need to find a train or a coach from your town to the destination. There you usually get off at a main station and need to switch to a taxi, underground or a bus. This is consuming time and money. BonD helps by bringing travelers and bus / coach companies together. It is a crowd based booking platform where multiple people can show their interest in getting from an area to a certain event. Bus companies can see the demand and offer to fulfill the service. They will see where people are traveling from, create a route and bring the travelers right to the venue. This makes traveling more convenient and fun. Bus companies on the other hand will discover demand which could have been previously unseen.

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So far we have planned our core functionalities and mocked the screens. Our talented designer Marvin has already finished most of the website designs. At the moment we are building the first pages and setting up the search / enter events pages.

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