"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any person in possession of a love for food, must be in want of a convenient service to eliminate line ups." We all love food. We all hate line ups. The solution: Bon Appetit.

What it does

Rather than waiting in line to place an order, then waiting in line some more for your food to be made, our mobile first website allows you to browse the menus of your favorite restaurants and place orders from anywhere using your smartphone or mobile device. Then, after your food is prepared, you will receive a status update. This eliminates line ups and allows customers to place orders and retrieve their food at their convenience, saving time and money.

How we built it

Because this is the first hackathon for some of our team members, as well as the first time building a website, we decided to keep things on a simple scale. So instead of building a fully dynamic website with a server side and database, we built a website with some dynamic components and used Google Chrome's local storage in place of implementing a full database. This allowed each team member to be more involved in the building process.

Challenges we ran into

Because of the realistic scale of our project and the involvement of each team member, in terms of contributions to our project on GitHub, as well as the fact that for several of our team members, it was their first time using Git, we experienced several challenges as sometimes, commits and syncs would override those of other members. Sometimes, this would only be apparent later on, so we had to spend time going back and fixing those problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of our project management skills throughout this entire project. We took large problems, broke them down, and analyzed possible solutions and different ways of implementation from a high-level before diving straight into the code. We kept on track, finished ahead, and managed to catch some decent hours of sleep.

What we learned

We learned how to collaborate together in a team to tackle problems from a high-level perspective, as well as how to best divide tasks based on each team member's strengths. For those of us who have been accustomed to building dynamic websites and looking for solutions through that channel, thinking about how to tackle those problems using pure static HTML & CSS.

What's next for Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit has the potential to grow further and expand via channels such as Uber Eats, thereby obliterating the need for line ups and transportation to obtain your food. As Bon Appetit attracts more customers and suppliers, it provides a wider range of selections for customers and a larger customer base for suppliers at no cost.

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