I was inspired by a Bloomberg article to build this project. In particular, there was a graph in the article called "Bezos Bombshells". It was a graph that showed the impact of Amazon related news on different companies.

For example, when Amazon mentioned the Whole Foods Merger, shares of Walmart dove 7.1% in one given day. I wanted to see a similar graph that plotted the rise and fall of all companies depending on the news. Hence, I wanted to build a visualization for news against stock changes.

What it does

I fetch news headlines and then aggregate stock information for different industries or selected companies and plot those points to generate a visualization for the project.

What I learned

Graph visualization in the browser is new to me. I've been an Angular guy for most of my career, but I wanted to build this app with native HTML, CSS and JS. So I had to learn Jquery and understand some D3.js

I used Alphavantage and the New York Times API, both which were new to me prior to this project. So I utilized both of those resources.

In addition, there was knowledge that I had to learn about stocks and understanding how they change. I wrote algorithms that can determine the max changes dynamically for a given day. There was also some research I had to do to determine the impact on the Market Cap for bubble size.

What's next for Bombshell Stocks

Ideally, I want to use a smarter way to extract headlines and current events. Turns out, that's really hard. Right now, it really depends on the human to determine if that was the first article on the event and the particular date. Articles on the same subject can be repeated, and for now, my algorithm is only concerned with the date of the article. In the future, I want to be able to correlate the sentiments and content of an event to predict a drop or gain in stock price.

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