Initially we started big: Majestic API, huge database on amazon server and so on... And well, we failed. But instead of just giving up, we decided to have some fun and create something we would enjoy working on. And that's pretty much the origin of Bomber Goose.

What it does

It's pretty much a casual game of bomberman. But this time it bombers as geese, Galaxy Note 7 as the bomb, MLH symbol as power up and AstonHack hackingspace as area. For control, just enter the website address on your mobile phone and it will turn it into controller and add you as another player.

How we built it

We are running Amazon server for the main game, with .tech domain to connect to it. Entering on your mobile phone will add you to the game and display mobile controller. Works on both Android and iOS. The area of the game is made from pictures of AstonHack hacking space.

Challenges we ran into

Spending countless hours browsing geese pics on internet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Well, we didn't really build linux kernel from scratch. Or create facebook in machine code. But we had fun. We met cool people. We enjoyed every minute of AstonHack and that's what we are most proud of.

What we learned

That hackathon isn't just an event to improve your skills, make projects that will shine on your CV or win challenges. It's mainly about just having fun with other people. It doesn't matter how advanced your project will be, it's about how much you enjoy doing it.

What's next for Bomber Goose

It will forever stay in our minds. Keep on goosin'

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