Inspiration :- Music is an integral part to anyone's life. And for the billion plus Indians across the world, Music is a daily dose of life via various formats - radio, tv, internet. We wanted to take this beyond the usual sources and create a game based on Bollywood Songs. This is how it all started

What it does :-

It will prompt the user to select a year range (20 year range starting from 60's). Based on the selection, Alexa will play start playing a bollywood song from a movie released during that year range. User has to guess the correct song/movie

How I built it

Challenges I ran into:-

1) Ideation perspective - To get details of the songs from various years and select the most famous songs. 2) Technical perspective -

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Teamspirit and everyone chipping in and going beyond..

What I learned

It takes proper planning and team work to create a great product

What's next for Bollywood Antakshri

We would like to expand into other regional languages (Tamil, Telugu, Marathi etc) apart from Bollywood / Hindi language.

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