The biggest inspiration was work with The Eco Org, an environmental organization that we founded in the Maldives with the aim of using sustainable innovation for climate action. As part of our work, we understood the challenges faced by the Maldivian island communities who are disconnected from the global economy. The Maldives faces unique challenges as the world's lowest lying country and being at the forefront of the climate crisis. Building a solution for these displaced communities was the biggest driving factor behind Boli.

What it does

Boli Network is designed to enable communities and businesses to launch their own digital economies, and let their community members engage in the decision making process. By having access to a private blockchain network, communities have the opportunity to tokenize their natural ecosystems, open their local economies to the world and access funding to conserve their natural habitats. Both the community and users of the network are able to propose projects, concepts, focused on areas from environmental conservation to community empowerment. This creates a whole new digital gateway for these communities to access resources, contribute to the conservation of their natural habitats and develop the local economy. Currently these island communities do not have have a system to access to such opportunities.

How we built it

We chose one atoll that is made up of 71 islands as our pilot tester, conducted surveys with the local population and the local government to understand their challenges, and designed the platform based on the feedback we received. We worked as a fully remote team to build up the initial idea, to make it work for the HackAtom's schedule. The team members all had diverse skillsets, and different levels of experience, we assigned the tasks accordingly.

Challenges we ran into

Our team members come from all over the world, from many different timezones. We had some trouble scheduling calls. Another challenge was due to some team members having very limited time to commit to the project, due to their prior commitments. This prevented us from not being able to put together the ecosystem as we had intended to initially. For example, we did not get time to integrate the frontend with the blockchains.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy to have met the people that we met as part of HackAtom, a lot of whom are now friends and onboard to working on the project beyond HackAtom.

What we learned

We had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the Cosmos ecosystem and blockchain development in general.

What's next for Boli Network

The local council of Noonu Atoll will be using the platform to support their local community, which would see Boli Network being used in the real world. Another government ministry of the Maldives is in discussions with us about using the platform at institution level. We believe Boli Network has the potential to find its place in Web 3.0, and we have plans to pursue the project longterm.

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