My main inspiration because TikTok videos, about an anime girl that has a problem with communication, she hardly talks directly and preferred using tools like a board, phone, etc. I just noticed I think it's not a joke, I believe there are few people who need this, so rather than manually make the words using a paint tool, or drawing tool, how about if we need an application to make it easier.

What it does

Very simple to use, just choose the word that we want to display

How we built it

We search a few apps as references, and then we tried testing publicly making TikTok videos and see how people think

Challenges we ran into

We mainly have backend experience so we need time to learn and research frontend technology

Accomplishments that we're proud of

115k views on tiktok with 11k likes, with 2k uses.

What we learned

We realized this application can be used not only for that "anime", people told this app very helpfully for difabel people (especially mute) who hardly talk, so with one phone they can talk fast wherever and whenever.

We also realized that this application can't prevent coronavirus by preventing talk directly, when using a mask there are many times our voice is unclear. normally solution is raising our voice, or even worst opening their mask. so with this application, we adjust the word so it can be easy to see.

What's next for Boisu

We get so much feedback from our video, we will hear their suggestion, from improving the UI, multi-languages, new features like google voice, custom words, and making the app version.

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