Revolutionize Note-Taking.

What It Is

NoteMaker is a desktop application programmed entirely in Python. This is an application aimed towards students that want to have easy access to online resources (Wikipedia, Stack Exchange) in the same application that they are taking notes in. This will help increase student retention of lectures by reducing the amount of time students spend disengaged from the lecture to do a quick Internet search for something in their notes.

On the topmost portion of the sidebar is the Wikipedia excerpt module. Below that is the Stack Exchange module.

Challenges We've Run Into

Tkinter is horribly painful to work with as a beginner. We spent a large amount of our time learning and fiddling around with this GUI API in order to properly implement our hack.

What We've Learned

We all have gained a large amount of experience in real-world Python programming. We have spent a large portion of our time reading through APIs and learning how to apply them, so if we wish to use any of these libraries again for a future hack, that will greatly boost our productivity.

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