We were trying to think of hackathon projects, and decided it would be better to have a robot do that instead. In fact, why don't we just have the robot submit a write up too. What's the robot doing with soldering iron? Oh no... it's become one of them...

What it does

hack(AI)thon uses a huge database of past hackathon submissions to procedurally generate new Devpost-style submissions.

How we built it

hack(AI)thon is built primarily in python, with a PHP frontend and a hybrid MongoDB-Redis database configuration. All data analysis and processing is run on AWS.

Challenges we ran into

When registering a domain. DNS nameserver changeover can take up to 48 hours. This can cause problems when registering a website for use in a hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The training data starts as a nearly unmanagable mess of HTML blobs and text data and eventually becomes an efficient text-generation model.

What we learned

DNS is a fickle beast.

What's next for hack(AI)thon

We have plans for implementing natural language processing and neural nets to improve output.


Due to the way DNS caching works, you may be unable to access the site. In this case, navigate to

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