We were tired of eating alone at lunch.SIGH.

What it does

It connects people who are logged onto the app and who have selected that they want to be paired into groups.

How I built it

We used swift on xcode. We linked firebase to the project for authentication features, and for it to store login details. The email is used to identify the users We used servers to create a queue of people who were waiting to be paired We then paired groups of four from this list, giving them a common meeting point, then deleting their details from the queue after a certain time

Challenges I ran into

Grouping people from their queues and coding on swift for the first time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Attempting a new and intimidating language

What I learned

Basics of swift, using Firebase, using node.js servers, making a user interface,

What's next for BoilerEats

We want to expand the concept to include restaurants

Built With

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