I had a long conversation with a Red Cross blood drive organizer about incentives and he explained to me how they are unable to provide monetary incentives for blood donations. They have a mobile app which connects to their API and enabled users to track their contributions. So I thought a blockchain that tokenizes your donations would be a great application of the technology to solve a real-world problem.

What it does

imports user donation statistics from Red Cross public API and uses this information to generate blockchain tokens which can be traded or locked for staking.

How we built it

The Frontend is VueJS + Quasar UI framework. The backend is Nodejs. The blockchain is Lotion + Cosmos

Challenges we ran into

I'm new to the LotionJS API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Frontend came together quickly

What's next for Cardinal

I want to flesh out and iterate on core functionality and eventually integrate Cardinal into my platform at

Built With

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