We wanted to create a iot application that would help a lab or an office to manage the stocks of nespresso capsule while proposing statistic on which capsule are more popular for improve the commands.

What it does

It detects the nespresso pods by differentiating between 6 differentes types of capsule. It connects to the cloud to send pictures and parse the resulting reponses., showing to the user the statistics. It is also able to record and playback microphone sounds whithout analysis.

How we built it

Using ibm cloud services for image recognition of the coffee pods.

Challenges we ran into

We add some difficulties with the quality of the image recognition maybe due to the small size of our dataset. We also run into difficulties with android's different version of api (deprecated api's)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To leave through the entire challenge without wavering and without any sleep, while staying exited on our project.

What we learned

We learned how to use the ibm cloud platform for machine learning, while developing a android application to allow use to access the sensor (camera, microphone) and connect with the cloud.

What's next for BogoCoffee

We wanted to analyse the microphone recording to detect how long the machine was running to differentiate between (ristretto, Expresso, Lungo)

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