What it does

This bot helps you to manage the interactions between medical staff and patients in an hospital.

Patient side

When a patient connects, the bot first inform the patient wether he should go to his doctor or if he should come to the emergency service. If his state requires emergency services (like broken leg), he can pre-fill his admission form before actually arriving at the hospital, in order to fasten his admission once arrived.

If he already came previously, his identity record are reused.

Medical staff side

The medical staff manages patients. When a patient (with his prefill admission-form) arrives, a doctor can install him, meaning that he takes him as a medical staff referent, and discharge the patient when he leaves the hospital. He can look at all his patient (asking for the list of its patient), and then get more infos about a particular one (like the identity information, symptoms, pain, plots, etc...).

How we built it

We used the provided botkit framework, we learnt from the tutorials (they all worked perfectly !!!! Rare enough to be mentionned, you guys did an amazing job !).

Then we created a bot, and added various skills dependings on what we wanted. We used nedb as the database backend, it also worked quite well.

Challenges we ran into

JS calbacks... -_- JS dynamically typed language... Really :-(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with JS, without debugger, without any understanding of how it works at first, and neither we knew about botkit. We learnt a lot, that was great !

What we learned

NodeJS !!! We both learnt NodeJS from scratch, we had no notion of javascript at all before saturday, 4pm. Yet we managed to have a functionning prototype.

What's next for BogoBot

Improve it ! We still have a lot of ideas of new functions to had, ad interactions between patients, reserve rooms, etc...

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