As popular as VR is, interactions are often carried through mediums such as hand controllers. We are inspired by the idea that we can directly interact with the VR settings through our very own bodies: our hands, feet, knees, shoulders... and everything else!

What it does

BodyVR, as its name implies, enables user to interact with any VR setting, having the full ability to engage through his/her entire body. It can be applied in various settings, particularly for training purposes. Imagine an example where the user learns a workout movement through directly following a series of well laid out workout procedures in the VR world in a first person perspective.

How we built it

BodyVR is consisted of largely three parts. First, we leverage Kinect to help on the live bone mapping/orientations. Second, we utilize OSVR to get the scenes onto its headset and Third, all connected together and built on top of Unity.

Challenges we ran into

  • None of us had any previous experience with Unity.
  • A series of bugs during OSVR implementation and usage: little resource online and OSVR relatively not well maintained.
  • Deciding the most direction for our demo to best illustrate the product
  • Bone mapping, rotation and orientation
  • Lack of sleep

What we learned and Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A holistic demo that illustrates key usage purposes of our product
  • A lot more knowledge about Unity, C# and Inverse Kinematics
  • Improved team collaboration and communication with development planning

What's next for BodyVR


  • Deploying it as a service
  • Replace OSVR with Trinus and SteamVR to improve scalability and accessibility

Built With

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