The team has had a special passion for wearable technology since the beginning. We combined our passion for this with what we love during with our free time: playing football. we originally wanted an automated system that regulated two hand touch football. Then, we considered the different methods and technology that were available to us. When we realized that force sensitive resistors were given to us, we wanted to leverage this to make something far more important than a game regulator. We wanted to make something that can help diagnose those who were injured. After talking to multiple medical students we came to an understanding that there are number of injuries that are misdiagnosed because doctors are not completely aware of where the force of impact actually took place. This is when we fixed our minds to make a shirt that detects where and how much force was applied. Essentially, this is meant for professional athletes to monitor their form and potential danger to injury. That being said, it is not only limited to this market, the mass can use this to to wear as an undershirt to watch their daily form and unusually forces the went throughout the day.

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