Inspired by 8base's Fitness Competition idea, our team decided to make an application that will allow a group of people to compete against each other to see who is the most athletic by using body fat loss as measurement! The competition will last 90 days and it's up to the administrator to make sure the body fat loss percentages are correct, however the participants can update the rest of the group on their progress by uploading pictures.

The application will allow users to create a group, making them the administrator, and will allow them to send out invite links to other participants using 8base via email address. Within your group, you'll be able to post progress updates and brag to others about how well you're doing.

Technologies used:

React Native will be used for the UI

8base will be used to handle all the data including Participant profiles, Competitions being held, and a history of the user's participation in competitions. 8base will also allow the administrator to send out invites to other participants.

Apollo Client will be used to retrieve the data from 8base

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