Physical Therapy can be a daunting and lengthy process. For outpatients, compliance to the proper form for physical therapy can dramatically improve outcomes. However, once outside the doctor's office it is difficult to remember the intricacies of the movements.

What it does

Android device uses Computer Vision to collect user's movement. These motions are then mirrored inside the HMD providing the user with a real time feed of personal body movement. An animated character provides an example of proper movements, and the user can improve form by self correcting posture vs example.

How I built it

Android OpenCV captures user movement. Web Sockets send data to HMD. Animations are using Motion Capture data. Environment is created using Unity.

Challenges I ran into

Establishing Websockets. Animation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Sending OpenCV to a HMD. Application towards rehabilitation.

What I learned

Node.JS, Socket.IO, learned websockets. Some members first time using Unity.

What's next for Bodies In Motion

Visual and audio cues to user when deviations from correct form are observed. Incorporation of various Physical Therapy exercises. Incorporation of fitness programs, providing feedback on sports performance.

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