To create a mass market AR Dapp - AI Powered Holograms that compete for fame

What it does

You scan your face and give birth to a hologram your own personal DNA - defined by an ERC 721 token. You buy your hologram fight moves (each one has a different value, eg punch = 3, kick =4, dance move/roundhouse (combined move) = 10. Your hologram finds another hologram to fight. The holograms agrees on a fight fee. Holograms lock in 3 fight moves (each fight move is a different transaction amount) The fight begins! Holograms trade blows! (transactions weighed by fight move value ). The first hologram who gets to zero health (zero balance) loses. Winning hologram cashes out.

How I built it

Adapted Connext Layer 2 payment system

Challenges I ran into

Losing our developer half way through

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating the seed for judgement day,.

What I learned

To keep things simple

What's next for Bock Fights

The user can then pay for their hologram to “discover” new moves out in the world on its own - which we achieve by running combinations of moves through a Generative Adversarial Network (‘The Block Fight GAN’) + hologram messaging

Built With

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