Hackathon Submission Requirements

Team Lead: Anthony Liu, 650-922-4476

Team Members: Anthony Liu, Heath Palmer, Ara Parikh, Tommy Oladele, Seyitan Oke

Category: Education, AR & VR For Good

Brief Description: BobRossAR is a mobile augmented reality experience that helps students learn how to draw and paint by overlaying step-by-step instructions on the paper and canvases in front of them.

Location: 5th floor, to the right of the elevator on high top tables, Table 34

Environment: Platform: HTML/Web; Assets: Minion.png image; Libraries: three.js, js-aruco for marker tracking

Why we built it

Arts funding in U.S. public schools have decreased--just 5% of elementary school students in Boston take a weekly art class as part of their education. They’re missing education that is foundational to their development. Third grade art curriculum includes teaching core geometry concepts such as spatial understanding, depth perception, and positive and negative space. We need our kids to know that if AR/VR is the future!

Our project, BobRossAR, wants to help increase access to basic art principles students just can’t get in schools. Using just their phone, a sheet of paper, and a drawing tool, we teach them how to draw, just as easily as Bob Ross taught millions how to draw through TV. But, here we use mobile AR to break down the steps and overlay instructions onto your canvas to build a more immersive learning experience. AR is the only way we can create an immersive learning experience that is similar to your teacher right next to you modelling drawing strokes. Mobile AR is cheap and easy to access-- a critical goal for our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We creatively solved tracking issues with other tracking libraries

Built With

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