Our inspiration stems primarily from daily experience— and an ever revolving door of different public and university transport apps that were never able to provide a unified functional experience to get where we needed to go most: to and from class.

What it does

Bobcat Transit serves a single go-to source for public and private university transit, bringing together APIs from NYU, the MTA, Google, and Passio Go to create one cohesive experience. It encourages personal customization through the input of course schedules and favorite places. It allows for multimodal route comparison between different public and private transport options. It notifies students ahead of time for when they might need to get to class.

How we built it

The application is built in React Native using the Expo library and an assortment APIs: Google Maps mapping and navigation, MapQuest Geocoding, Passio Go Shuttle API Endpoints, .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're quite proud of the user experience design we achieved in a short time span. Having done user research, mockups, and surveys we were able to produce a design that other students found useful and satisfying. On the backend, we spent quite some time learning and incorporating redux so we could persist the state of the application for when the user exits.

What's next?

In the near future, we will expand upon the user onboarding setup that we designed to make the experience of each user more personalized. We also hope to incorporate other transit methods such as biking and LIRR/PATH Trains to accommodate commuter students. Another long-term goal would be to approach true multimodal navigation for our app.


  • Angie Li - UI/UX Design
  • Eric Wu - Developer - Wu-Bowen
  • Ethan Printz - UI/UX Design & Frontend Dev - EthanPrintz
  • Evan Silverman - Developer - esilverm

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