Upon graduating from my high school, I was presented with numerous opportunities to help better my alma mater. One such opportunity was to create a website consolidating all of our past acceptance and matriculation data. This information would not only provide future graduating classes with a clearer idea of which schools generally interest our students/what school our students tend to matriculate to, but also will provide them with up-to-date average ACTs, SATs, and GPAs of the students who were accepted to those schools, which helps current seniors can get an idea of the score ranges and expectations from that particular college or university.

Breakdown of the Interface

On the Past Class Data page, we have:

Acceptance treemap: Displays the country, state (if in US), and school name of the university in a zoomable treemap format. Hovering over the school in the last layer of the treemap will also show the average ACT and SAT scores of the students who got accepted there as well as the average GPA of those students. View Figure 2 for a still picture of the treemap.

Matriculation pie chart: Displays the colleges students from the selected class matriculated to using a pie chart format (See Figure 1). Hovering over any one slice of the pie chart will show the corresponding school and the % of the class who matriculated there in the box above the visualization.

On the Search For Colleges page (see Figures 3 and 4), we have:

An autofill search bar allowing users to look up various colleges and then see a few basic data points relating to that college. There are no data visualizations on this page currently.

Challenges I ran into/Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing the Google Sheets API and creating a treemap diagram were both new to me, so those were two of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of this project thus far.

What's next

I will continue to update it and make it more user friendly. The search for colleges page is still undergoing minor changes. I might also add some new features, depending on requests made from the college counseling department.


There are currently no notes at this time. Information up-to-date as of: August 28, 2018

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