On the way to HackNTU. In the MRT with my friends, a 7 year old shouted profanities towards his mother. We were shocked at how rude he was. And we knew we had to do something about it. WE created bobby blocker that filters profanities Nudities and Unsafe website. With the web being so easily asssesible, kids these days are exposed explicit contents that will lead to more bullying and violence. How is this different from the other blockers. WE complied profanities from all 4 main languages in Singapore including hokkien, teochew, hakka, hindi.0 We didnt use blacklist instead we took content of the webpage to filter. This makes our program differnt from other extentsion. This also can be used in the work force.

Using APIs like Google Safe Browsind Nude detect api, we are able to block contents that are not acceptable. Studies shows that physical aggression increases after exposing to explicit contents. It is parental control with password protected.


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