Today on Facebook there's this massive Facebook group called Subtle Asian Traits where many Asian-Americans post about various traits about being Asian such as not wearing shoes in the house, using chopsticks, and especially purchasing bubble tea. Bubble tea is a beverage originated from Taiwan which typically is a black milk tea beverage with tapioca pearls sitting on the bottom of the beverage. Due to this beverage's exceptionality on taste in quality, it is very easy to get addicted to drinking more and more, so we decided to create a Chrome Extension that could prevent that.

What it does

The Chrome Extension basically senses whenever a user sends a message (currently only through Facebook Messenger) about going to get bubble tea through sensing specific keywords in their message. Once those keywords are sensed, Chrome will first display an alert returning the user's bank account balance and their balance after they purchase bubble tea. The price of the bubble tea can be entered through the extension.

Then through the extension's options, the user can customize how long until another message will display. After the first alert is triggered and the time period entered has elapsed, a second alert will appear asking the user if they went to go get bubble tea. If the user presses "Ok.", then the alert will say "Shame on you." and redirect the user to a page telling them not to drink bubble tea which contains a link to an article about why bubble tea is bad for the user. However, if the user presses "Cancel." on the second message, then the alert will say "good for you!" and the user can exit the extension alerts.

How I built it

Our team built this Chrome Extension using the wonderful powers of GitLab, GitKraken, and Visual Studio Code.

Challenges I ran into

For me, it was my first time learning Javascript, so I got really frustrated in trying to figure out how to use many of the language's functions and how to apply syntax.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of learning Javascript and applying some of my skills of using HTML5 and CSS3. I also learned Google is my best friend.

What I learned

I learned a lot of new Javascript and got a start in learning how to coordinate on coding projects with others.

What's next for bobahoe

Possible bank information integration and other design implementations. Bobahoe can also be altered to address other kinds of addiction.

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