Wolk's video game design class assignment

What it does

It's a game- play it once and then forget about it c: Also, my demo video doesn't show the contents of the menu working but I assure you, it does

How I built it

Youtube tutorials, willpower, years of sleep deprivation training, some love bc I actually do love bubble tea and cats and the show Gravity Falls

Challenges I ran into

Minor logical errors and getting the visuals to cooperate Realizing I still don't know how to upload stuff to my github properly (esp in a new repo) so having to make a demo video in place of it

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The fact that everyone told me I couldn't build a game from scratch in less than 24hrs and I did just that while also getting in a few hrs of sleep

What I learned

Gamemaker Studio isn't that hard but also I don't have the patience for making games or passion for playing them

What's next for Boba Run

Turning it into a js game so I can embed it into my personal website

Built With

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