Order anxiety is real. Getting to the front of the line and still not knowing what you want can be very stressful. We wanted to build a fun app that inspires the user to become more creative with their drink ideas.

What it does

Boba'd randomly generates the perfect drink order complete with temperature, base tea, flavor, and topping. It allows you to keep generating new drinks until you find the one with which you connect.

How we built it

We developed this iOS app using Swift and Xcode. We built different views for different functionalities that we wanted. We also used Autodesk SketchBook in order to design our images. We then integrated the images into the app using UIkit, and exercised our creative skills in order to make the app beautiful and fun to use.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into quite a few challenges, as this was our first time using Swift and Xcode. No one on our team had any experience with these technologies so we had to learn from scratch. We ran into challenges when it came to combining multiple views. It took us awhile to figure out the structure of the workflow. We also had issues integrating the images that we created into the app, which took us a long time to iron out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud to have learned the basics of Swift and Xcode and created a product during the duration of this weekend. We faced many challenges but were able to conquer them all or adapt accordingly.

What we learned

We learned the value of starting small and adding functionality accordingly. Had we started with a more complicated idea, the issues we ran into could have derailed our entire project. Instead, we started with a simple concept and were able to build off of it as we learned more about the technologies we were using.

What's next for Boba'd

In the future, we would love to add a user preference aspect that allows the user to apply certain filters. We also want to integrate a recipe API in order to provide nutrition information for various combinations.

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